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Navig8r G43 4.3'' GPS with Australian Map, TextToSpeech, Safety Camera Alerts, MP3/MP4

Launched in 2009 , the G43 is a value for money PND based on the smaller G35. It contains new features such as SpeedAlert™, localised text to speech, enhanced safety camera alerts, familiar street directory map skins, a full screen speedo (in digital or analogue)  and trip statistics. Additional highlights included Advanced Turn Assist which shows a small snapshot of upcoming turns / intersections showing the correct route to take and accurate School Zone warnings which are street and point to point based, not "beacon" based (ie: a radious around the school).

Preloaded features were lane guidance, auto on/off, auto day/night, new combo speed/red light cameras and of course new map detail were included.

Free Map Updates are available at this link: here


- 4.3”LCD (Touch Screen) anti-glare brightness
- 2D or 3D map view
- Handy re-route and detour
- "Quick Step" for fast and effective Australian address resolution
- Create, manage, save and rename trips and waypoints
- Trip statistics logged for later analysis
- Regular free updates for software and map data
- 1GB built-in Flash on board
- Includes 6 Games



Screen size: 4.3'

Screen resolution: 480 x 272

CPU speed (Mhz): 266Mhz

Antenna Type: Sifrf IV

Memory card slot: yes

3.5mm audio out: yes

Physical on/off switch: yes. hard reset and soft power on/off

Stylus included: yes

MP3 / MP4 / ebook playback: yes

Bluetooth Handsfree: no

FM transmitter (to listen via car radio): no

Mini USB connection: yes

Battery capacity:

Battery life: approx 2 hours

On board memory: 1GB

On-board speaker: yes

Windscreen Mount: yes

12v DC plug: yes

240v AC power pack: yes. Included

Card reader & max. capacity: yes 8GB

USB cable (mini A): yes

Fold out desk stand: no

Software interface solution:

Map provider: Metroview

Operating System (solution): metroview

Lane Guidance: yes

Australia & New Zealand maps on board: no. Optional purchase Geosmart NZ

Speed / red light cameras: yes

School Zone warnings: yes

POI's (updatable): yes

Landmark Guidance:

Driver warnings (eg: sharp bend, steep descent):

Speed limit indicator: yes

3D view mode: yes

Changeable skins: yes

Turn assist (ATA): yes

Tunnel Mode (dead reckoning): no

Auto day/night: yes

Auto off with power off: yes

Learner driver profiling: no

GNAF layer (house numbers): no. optional

Cadastral Layer (house outlines): no. optional

Speedalert (tm) Subscription: no 30 day trial. Purchase for $9.95

Text to Speech (TTS): yes with karen

Ful screen speedo display: yes. Digital or analogue

Trip log / statistics: yes

Trip record (google earth): yes

Fresh map guarantee: yes

Free map updates: yes

Overseas map availablity: no

dimensions (w: h: d: (mm):

Weight (kg):

Warranty (months): 12 months

General specification::

Main Product Name: Navig8r G43 4.3'' GPS with Australian Map, TextToSpeech, Safety Camera Alerts, MP3/MP4

Secondary Name:

Product Code: GPS-G43




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